Sunday, November 28, 2010

Map Of Australia

Blog Response Questions

1.) I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Bill Bryson has a way of drawing you into the history and oddities of the land by inserting humerous stories and occurences along with his travel experiences (which are in and of themselves hilarious).
2.) I am extremely happy about my book choice. This is because i honestly did not know much about Australia before, but was curious about it. While reading it, i found out that the author is funny, witty, and does not bore the reader with the little details about the trip, but tries to insert the feelings he was experiencing and the local color of the people who inhabit it.

3.) I personally found Glenrowan to be the most interesting. I am a big history buff, and the opportunity to learn more about the famous Bushranger Ned Kelly is very appealing to me.

4.) There arent any really basic human rights book at stake here. This book is a light-hearted, fun, and easy-going approach on getting the most out of a trip Down Under.

5.) I learned alot about the history of Australia and the mindset of its people. I also learned how to start and publish a blog.

6.) The most enjoyable part of the project for me was the reading aspect of it. I love to read, especially when its something humerous and intelligent.

7.) the hardest part for me was the actual part of writing everything down. I am not a strong writer, and i often get a block or get distracted while i work. 

How to Survive In the Bush

This is a little how-to guide in case you might ever want to try your luck on a walkabout through the outback. First off, there are essentials that you MUST bring with you:

Plenty of Rations
Common Sense
a baseball cap

Now, here are some tips in order to help you along.

Plan ahead in order to help keep you on your path.
Dont overexert yourself.
Conserve your energy as much as possible, you will need it.
Use common sense. For example, Dont go feeling around a rock or pick up every little thing you see.
A good amount of the local wildlife and fauna in Australia is deadly and can kill you.


Canberra is the capital city of Australia. It has a population of about 345000, and is the sixth-largest city in Australia. It is located 286 kilometers west of Sydney. The best description that I can give of Canberra is that it is essentially a giant park with a city hidden in it. You could walk around for two hours and get lost through the endless green and identical neighborhoods. Downtown Canberra primarily consists of plazas and retail shops. The mindset for Canberra is that you can do anything here. For example, you can water-ski, shop for evening attire, and order pizza all in one sitting.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is a booming little city with a population of 27480, and is located 1530 kilometers away from Adelaide. It used to be thought of as a little oasis or miracle, since it is right in the middle of nowhere. Visitors were surprised upon their arrival to see that the town had everything from departments stores to schools. However, the problem with Alice Springs is that it is becoming too exploited and commercial. Whereas before the only way to get there was to take a rickety, weekly train from adelaide; Today, a person can take a jet from Adelaide and in 2 hours can arrive in Alice Springs. Its so jam packed with hotels, gift stores, resturants, etc., that a person can't even try to pretend that they accomplished something by reaching this once nigh-inacessible city. The irony in this situation is too rich. A city that was famous for bieng remote now draws hundreds of people who come to see how remote it no longer is.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Glenrowan is a small, one street town located 184 kilometers west of Melbourne. It has a population of 952, and is able to get by. Glenrowan is mainly famous as the last stand of bushranger Ned Kelly. The story of Ned Kelly is a famous one. Ned Kelly was a Irish-Australian bushranger considered by some to be a folk hero by standing up to English oppression. After killing three policemen in a fight, Ned and his gang went on the run for three years in the bush. In 1880, authorities finally tracked him down to Glenrowan where a final gunsight ensued. in the dawn of the next day, Kelly emerged in his homemade armor and tried to escape. He was shot in the leg, captured, and sent to Melbourne to be tried. He was tried, convicted, and swiftly executed. Glenrowan now thrives by exploiting the Ned Kelly gunfight and legend.


Adelaide is the state capital of South Australia. It is the fifth-largest city in Australia and is about 1408 kilometers away from Sydney. It is filled with parks and is designed in a peculiar way. It is shaped like and irregular figure eight, with the two halves of the city filling the holes, and the surronding parks making the outline. It was founded by a shady man by the name of Edward Gibbon Wakefield, who had the intention of turning it into a colony of freeman. Adelaide is one of the most overlooked places in Australia. In esscence, it is the "Australia" of Australia., existing but people hardly taking notice of it. It appears that the porblems of Adelaide is geographical in nature. It is on the wrong side of Australia, and is therefore removed from the vital trading markets of Asia. If you ask anybody outside of Adelaide about it they say" yeah, its nice, but its dying ya know?".